As major indexes plummet, listen to Fr. Emmanuel talk about the risk of a crash just one week earlier

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Just one week before the Dow and othe rmajor US indexes plummet on February 2, 2018, listen to Fr. Emmanuel speaking to the crew of Benzinga TV on the risks of a stock market crash.  

 …I don’t think people are thinking about the price-value dislocations at all, they just think, no price is too high because tomorrow it will be higher and that’s a scary environment..."

- Fr. Emmanuel Lemelson, speaking to Benzinga TV on January 26, 2018

More from the interview:

“When everyone is jumping in, it’s just classic late stage, the history of US financial markets are cyclical, and you’d have to believe we’re not going to have a down-cycle at any time to buy-in at these prices… frankly the short side looks much better to me. You can almost see it in the sentiment of the average retail investor, when they really believe its easy, right? It’s easy to make money, you put your money in and you get a return and people stop caring about prices… 

When price is completely divorced from value in the mind of the average investor, and then you start to see things that are symptomatic of a bubble, like frantic speculation in things like bitcoin and crypto-currencies, these are all indications that we’ve entered a phase that’s not at all rational and it could end at any time, it could be any sort of event, there’s just no margin of safety in most issues out there right now, most things are fully priced, many things are off-the-charts priced, and I don’t think people are thinking about the price-value dislocations at all, they just think, no price is too high because tomorrow it will be higher and that’s a scary environment”

Watch the full interview below or click here.


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