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Lemelson's extraordinary dust-up with the SEC

"καὶ μὴ συγκοινωνεῖτε τοῖς ἔργοις τοῖς ἀκάρποις τοῦ σκότους, μᾶλλον δὲ καὶ ἐλέγχετε,"  Ephesians 5:11.  Read about Fr. Emmanuel's extraordinary dust-up with the SEC here and here as shares of Ligand Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ: LGND) continue to plummet. 

LGND chart 1

Watch Fr. Emmanuel's November 2017 talk with global business and political leaders on Theology and short selling here:

"Short sellers — investors who bet against companies — get a bad rap, but research suggests they help keep markets running smoothly." - NPR

The Ligand Reports:

The Ligand Interviews:

Letters to Congress Regarding Ligand:


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