Watch Fr. Emmanuel on Russia's The Central TV Show Discussing Transableism

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On May 5, 2023, Rev. Fr. Emmanuel Lemelson sat down with Russia’s NTV to discuss transableism and parallels to transgender ideology, telling the media outlet;
“…take the emphasis off one’s self. What must seem like a radical notion in today’s society, that we don’t belong to ourselves, that not even our bodies are our own, is the polar opposite of what everything our society is telling us,” Lemelson said.   “Love does not affirm misleading and false facts…. we have to be very, very cautious about anything that affirms, under the false guise of compassion, a need to follow through with any harm towards the body, mutilation, self-harm,” Lemelson continued. 
Watch below on YouTube (42 min. 31 sec. mark and 43 min 6 second mark)

Watch the full segment on The Central TV Show below (4 min. 27 sec. mark and 5 min mark).

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