Reuters Reports on Lemelson’s "Decision to Fight" in Substantial Victory over SEC

“Not only was the jury unconvinced by the SEC's showing with regard to misstatements, the jury outright rejected the SEC's fraudulent scheme charge; the jury also found the SEC failed to prove a negligent, reckless, or intentional violation of the Investment Advisors Act by either Lemelson or LCM…
The Commission brought the widest array of potential claims against Lemelson and his company, and his decision to fight the charges paid off… He also succeeded in protecting his advisory business and the fund it managed from any liability whatsoever.”
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About Lemelson Capital Management

Lemelson Capital Management, LLC (LCM) is a private investment management firm focused on deep value and special situation investments.  During the 2021 prosecution of Fr. Emmanuel, the lead SEC prosecutor called Fr. Emmanuel “a top hedge fund manager with top results in the world” and stated, “Apparently, those results are based on lies… that’s the key part of this scheme.” A Federal jury rejected the SEC’s bogus claim he engaged in any scheme based on lies.  And Fr. Emmanuel’s extraordinary performance has not been challenged since.  In the first eleven months of 2023, Lemelson Capital, which is closed to new investors, returned over 367 percent (net).

For more information, visit: or follow on X @LemelsonCapital 

About Rev. Fr. Emmanuel Lemelson:

Barron’s has called Fr. Emmanuel Lemelson an “outspoken” short seller who “wouldn’t settle.” He is the Chief Investment Officer of LCM; follow his work at or on X @Lemelson

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